Mini tour “Philharmonic plays North”

The Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet kick off their mini tour titled ‘Philharmonic plays North’, from April 10 to 13.

“The musicians begin their tour in Zrenjanin’s Baroque Concert Hall, at the Town Hall, on April 10 (7.30 p.m.), and on the following day the audience of Kikinda will have an opportunity to hear them at the National Museum (7 p.m.). The following concert is scheduled for April 12, for the audience of Subotica, to take place in the Grand Concert Hall of the Town Hall (7.30 p.m.), whereas the mini tour will close with the visit to the Home for disabled children, ‘Cradle’ (‘Kolevka’) in Subotica “, as announced by the Belgrade Philharmonic for press release.
Together with clarinetist Veljko Klenkovski, the String Quartet will give performances in these three cities, featuring the works of Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven.
The musicians of the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra Jelena Dragnić (first violin), Vladan Lončar (second violin), Boris Brezovac (viola) and Aleksandar Latković (cello), founded the String Quartet within this orchestra in 2011.
– We are striving to make every city feel “the most important of all” , at least while we are in it, because of the art and the music we are playing, hoping that all our cities will be equally important if permeated with culture. It is our mission to keep reminding people of that through our concerts – said Jelena Dragnić on behalf of the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet.