Concert at the Gerontology Centre in Vrsac

“Old age is a punishment to which people are condemned, if we do not help them”,

By quoting the Serbian poet Dusko Radovic, the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet began their concert at the Gerontology Centre in Vrsac last night, given in honour of the month of October as the International Month of Older Persons.
After conveying the message that we should take care of our oldest population every day, the musicians met the tenants of the Gerontology Centre, and then gave their performance dedicated to them. The staff and the beneficiaries agreed that music had a therapeutic and anti-depressive effect, rewarding the Quartet with a long applause.
The String Quartet performed for the beneficiaries of the Old People’s Home under the Hill of Vrsac, a part of their standard repertoire, which they will present at the prestigious Abu Dhabi Festival at the end of October. For the Centre’s tenants, who cannot travel to Belgrade for concerts, this ensemble played the works of Beethoven and Ravel.
The Belgrade Philharmonic will try, regardless of intensive activities going on in the current concert season, to give their full attention also to the audience outside of Belgrade, and to those to whom concerts at the Kolarac Concert Hall are not accessible.