Studio 6: Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet

March 2, 2015
Studio 6, Hilandarska 2

Concerts at Studio 6 offer a unique format not easily found at other – concert or non-concert venues. Concerts where it is possible to accommodate the audience, are broadcast live once a month and RTS 3 telecasts such concert broadcasting live. The new stage at Studio 6 provides to Serbian and international artists and musicians a completely new venue for creating in different conditions of a studio and getting familiar with the technique, and it opens an opportunity for finding a way of drawing more viewers and listeners in Serbia and other countries. In collaboration with RTS 3 and Radio Belgrade 3, live broadcasts of such events give the best in terms of both segments of radio and television– an impeccable sound enabling the context of studio performance and a high-quality image, allowing the audience to discover and experience by means of TV screens the stage of musical instruments and new possibilities.

The concert held at Studio 6, in March, presented the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet’s performance of Beethoven (String Quartet Op. 74 “Harfen”, composed in 1809) and Webern (Langsamer Satz / in E Flat, composed in 1905). The Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet comprises the musicians Jelena Dragnić, Vladan Lončar, Boris Brezovac and Aleksandar Latković. After completing their basic and advanced education in Serbia, Italy, France and Germany, they decided to nurture the culture of playing music together in the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra. They founded the String Quartet within this orchestra in 2011. By giving concerts in Inđija, Subotica, Gornji Milanovac, Pirot and Mostar, the Quartet has managed to present the spirit of the Belgrade Philharmonic outside the concert halls of the capital city.
In the season 2012/13, the Quartet gave a memorable performance of a Concerto for String quartet and Orchestra by Erwin Schulhoff, at the Kolarac Great Hall, with the Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra and their Chief Conductor of that time Muhai Tang.
In the season 2013/14, the Quartet and their guests appeared in a cycle of five chamber music concerts named Quartet+1, in the Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall.