Four questions for the string quartet

Welcome to the world of the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet! After working together for five years, this excellent ensemble will give in the upcoming two months several important concerts, which they will wrap up by their performance at the Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall, scheduled for 24thMay, to celebrate their fifth anniversary. The first is their concert to open SOMUS Festival, at the National Theatre in Sombor, on 3rdApril, starting at 8 p.m., followed by their concerts in Turkey on 11th and 12th April and in Banja Luka on 22nd April.
In between their tiring rehearsals and preparations for demanding programmes, we briefly peeped into the world of the String Quartet, asking them four questions. This is what we found out:


1. This has been a year of travelling for the Quartet. How does such a dynamic schedule affect the development of your foursome?

We have been developing in all directions, on all four sides of the world, on five continents and in six languages, in three clefs … mostly openly, but occasionally secretly…
2. Compare the musical sensation in an intimate ambience of a chamber ensemble, with another discipline – playing with a larger group of musicians, with colleagues from the orchestra?

It is out of the question! We do not talk about intimate events, let alone compare them! However, as you ask, it is incomparable to anything else.


3. “The most perfect expression of human behaviour is a string quartet”, said Jeffrey Tate. To what extent are you rich owing to this experience?

We are Enriched, although still not rich enough, there is never enough of God.


4. The Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet was formed half a decade ago. How will you celebrate this jubilee?
We will give a good whole-night’s concert at the Belgrade Philharmonic Concert Hall on 24th May, surrounded by our good audience, friends, good wine, and then good food and good tambura music and, and, and … in all good ways on that May day … until the late night ours!