Performance in Banjaluka

Gift by the Serbian Consulate General to the citizens of Banjaluka on the occasion of Banjaluka City Day: Performance by the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet in Banjaluka

On 22nd April, 2016, the Belgrade Philharmonic String Quartet gave a concert at the National Theatre of the Republic Srpska in Banjaluka, calling it “A Gift to Banjaluka”, donated by the Serbian Consulate General to the citizens of Banjaluka, on the occasion of Banjaluka City Day.
The members of the String Quartet are Jelena Dragnić (first violin), Vladan Lončar (second violin), Boris Brezovac (viola) and Aleksandar Latković (cello), musicians of the Belgrade Philharmonic; they founded the String Quartet within the orchestra in 2011. Their synchronized interpretation emitted, throughout the concert, an energetic and high-spirited expression, together with a warm lyricism and sensibility for different styles typical for the pieces performed.


Concert Banja Luka

In their aspiration to produce a rich and powerful sound, the String Quartet provided the numerous audience a singular pleasure; the audience was visibly touched by the music and emotions of the concert and rewarded the performers with a long applause, calling them several times to come back on the stage.
In addition to the concert programme, the Quartet performed a pensive hymn of the Serbian landless warriors “Far away there”, as an encore, which caused general exaltation in the audience, who could not resist singing the most emotional parts of the hymn.


After this remarkable concert, the Serbian Consul General in Banjaluka, Mr.Vladimir Nikolić, handed a basket of special floral display as a gift to Jelena Dragnić, the Quartet’s first violin, and invited the audience to a cocktail organized together with the Mtel Company.